Teaser from my second short film, 'Mazaak'

While recording the star-lapse, I captured a shooting star! Here is my behind the scene journal.

Lucknow, my town, is about tradition and heritage. Captivating Lucknow on modern-classic fusion music by Tushar Lall was such an experience.

As an artist, I relate a lot to Taare Zameen Par. Lately, I've been diving into FPV Cinematic Drones and shooting LOG footage.
This Video is a compilation of Ariel shots I've recorded, color graded on DaVinci Resolve, and presented on a song that is about being FREE.

Made an EPIC BRoll promotional video for Batla House, Lucknow.

Supporting movement 'SAVE SOIL' by Sadhguru. We presented it in our way to raise awareness!

Watching birds sing every morning, we humans should create our 'Pleasant Symphony'. This video is one of those.

Being into Gaming for over a decade of my life, this video was about how games and like-minded friends instantly make you forget about your worries.

Documenting your past, like in a Journal, is what art is. An extension of yourself. A reminder of how far you've come.

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